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Sheraton Waikiki  Honolulu, Hawaii Wedding | Joana and Ray

Nothing beats having your wedding in a place where you can connect with ocean, beaches, mountains, along with a city life. To Joana and Ray, this is more than a destination wedding. Honolulu is a place where Joana grew up. These two weeks in Hawaii was their break from a busy schedule in work and [...]

Preordained Destiny / Love Reincarnated - A Concept Wedding Film | Christine and Michael's Wedding

Music licensed from songfreedom.com     There is an old Chinese saying, “It takes hundreds of years to harvest a friendship, but it takes thousands of years to cultivate a marriage.” Well, it is extremely difficult to translate it into English… but what it means is that it sometimes takes more than fate and destiny [...]


    My blog is long overdue!!! It’s been so busy lately…. Well, here is a wedding highlights that sure reminds me of home. Both Brian and Ida are originally from Hong Kong. They met in UT where their relationships started to blossom. It was a very intimate wedding celebrated with friends in Houston and [...]


    I am currently in Hong Kong – and is such a fun place! At the same time, this means works has piled up… Anyway, here is a wedding highlight film that we did last month. Penn is the sister of my first client – Suy Ling. Their family isn’t new to me. Filming [...]